Time is your enemy!

Finding a home and getting an offer accepted, is all about timing. Currently the real estate market in Southeastern, Michigan, is fast moving.

Properly priced properties sell within days, and in some areas — they only last a few hours. Making it difficult for traditional buyers to find and secure a property before it’s gone.

As has been the case for the past couple of years, our inventories are very low. Causing frustrations among buyers. Often times, buyers begin their house search by going to the “real estate dot.com” sites. The problem is, by the time the information has migrated to, posted in the “dot com” sites, and the buyer becomes aware of it, there is usually already something going on with the property — and most likely, will not be available. Before the buyer even has chance to get an appointment to see it.

Making use of technologies, available only to REALTORS ®, has been beneficial to most successful buyers. These technologies, take advantage of the lag time of populatinglistings among the big “dot com” web sites. Allowing buyers to receive the listing information (meeting their criteria) directly from the source. The same information that we use. 

When a listing is entered into the MLS (multiple listing service), the buyer receives an auto email — alerting them that a property, matching their criteria, has just been posted into the MLS system as they occur — with a copy of the listing included. This allows the buyer to see the information before it even gets to the “dot com” sites.

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