Okay, so you want to buy a house. You have been all over the internet, checking all of the websites looking for the perfect home. Then suddenly, you find it — the price is great, location is perfect, and it looks like the home of your dreams! So what do you next? Contact the listing real estate company, and a real estate agent will jump in their car — run right over, and show you the house, you look at and buy it, right? Well, maybe not. Here’s why.

Have a real estate agent in place. When you first contact the real estate company — you are just a phone number, or an email address. Nobody knows who you are. In Michigan, before a real estate agent can show you any houses, they should establish which role they will be playing in representing you — that’s the law. You need to sign an Agency Disclosure, stating that the broker (or agent) has disclosed the different options, under agency law, which are available to you and which option who have agreed to.Next, before disturbing the seller to make an appointment, a good real estate agent will want to know that you can afford to purchase the property. Also there are security liabilities to consider. Seeings that I have mentioned “security”, this might be a good time to remind you — that nobody knows who are, and real estate agents are also concerned about their own safety.

Get pre-approved. If you were to make an offer to purchase, would it be considered as a serious offer? It’s common practice in today’s real estate market (in our area), for the purchaser to have already been pre-approved for financing, or funds verified — for a cash purchase, before presenting any offers. Also did you know, that there are financing programs available to help purchase a home? Even if your credit score, or down payment is insufficient?

Time is your enemy. Right about now, you might start to understand, that if you are serious about buying that home, “the perfect one that you found”, that you should have already met with an real estate agent; discussed all the pertinent and relating details, met with a lender to get pre-approved for financing, and verified available funds that will be used to purchase the home. All of this takes time. The clock keeps ticking, and at some point, that property may be sold before you can get all of that done.

Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.