What if I were to tell you, that if you live in Michigan, with about the same amount of money that you would need to get into a rental — you could buy a house? Even if you have a credit score that isn’t so great, or had a bankruptcy. You would probably want to talk to me, wouldn’t you?

For instance, a standard FHA loan is only 3% down and MSHDA offers a “Down payment Assistance” (DPA) program which is 1% down and they will provide you with $7,500 for additional down payment and closing costs. Both are designed for people who’s credit score isn’t real strong. If you are a Veteran, have you checked to see if you are eligible for the 0% down loan. Eligibility requirements have changed over the years, so if you didn’t qualify in the past, you might now. VA benefits are a great way to go, and can also be used for other aspects of your life. 

So why don’t you give me call?